Formal Espalier Apple

A formal espalier may take a little longer to create, but the impact of these living sculptures are worth the extra wait.

Merrywood's formal espaliers have all been pruned and trained by hand.  Most of the range have been trained using a multi cordoned method (central main trunk with horizontal branches).  Other formals (available in limited numbers) include Candelabra, Serpentine, Belgium Fence and Diamond shapes, or, if you are willing to wait a little longer, Merrywood will grow a formal espalier to suit your needs.

  • Espalier Apple Horizontal Cordon


    Perhaps the best known of all formal espaliers.  The multi cordoned formal has a central middle trunk and horizontal branches (cordons). 

    Each horizontal layer is spaced approximately 30cm apart.

  • Coxs Orange Pippin Apple


    With a red mottley stripe over a yellow, orange base, the Cox is not the prettiest of apples, but it is still one of the favourites.  Medium sized fruit, matures early to mid season. 

    Limited Numbers Only

  • Jonathon Apple


    Beautiful red apple with a green-yellow base, the Jonathon has a slightly tangy taste and matures early to mid season.

  • Crab Apple Plena Blossom


    Prolific pink buds open to a masses of white flowers.  Bunches of small red fruits, suitable for jellies, mature in autumn.

  • Lemon


    EUREKA - Medium sized fruit, that matures in the winter months with some fruit produced during the summer months.

    LISBON - The Lisbon produces medium sized fruit in the winter months with almost no fruit produced in summer

  • Nashi Pear

    NASHI (20th Century)

    he most popular of the asian pears, the nashi is round, crisp and very juicy.  It matures mid season and reaches best flavour when ripened on the tree.

  • Fuyu Persimmon


    A non-astringent persimmon with a round slightly flat orange fruit and green leave that turn a rust-orange colour in autumn.  Fruit matures late season.

  • Candelabra Espalier Apple


    The Candelabra is also known as a 'Palmette Verrier' is a variation of the Horizontal Cordon espalier.  It has a strong central trunk with branches that are first trained horizontally and then trained up to form a candelabra type shape.

  • Royal Gala Apple


    Bright red striped on yellow green background. A deliciously crisp eating apple.  Expose fruit to sunlight to ensure maximum colour.  Ripens early to mid season.

  • Pink Lady Apple


    Crisp tangy fruit that ripens late season.  Pink-red colour deepens with good exposure to sunlight.


  • Apricot Moorpark


    A proven performer in the home garden.  Moorpark has medium sized fruit with good apricot flavour.

  • Mandarin


    EMPEROR - A sweet, juicy mandarin with bumpy skin, the Emperor is slow to colour but hold well on the bush.

    IMPERIAL - The earliest of the manadarins, the Imperial has few seeds and is easy to peel.

  • Packham Pear


    A popular all round Australian pear. Medium to large, juicy fruit with a smooth texture, the Packham ripens mid season and stores well.

  • Mariposa Plum

    MARIPOSA (Blood Plum)

     The Mariposa is a medium to large plum. It ripens mid-season has dark red skin with blood red flesh.  It is sweet, tangy and soft when ripe.

  • Pomegranate Wonderful


    Pretty orange-red blossoms develop into red round fruit in autumn.  Fruit has a thick rind with leathery appearance.  Inside red pulpy flesh and soft seeds coated in a red jelly like substance.

  • Espalier Diamond Camellia


    A square rotated 45 degrees so that it sits on its tip.  The Diamond pattern is formed by training laterals over each other in straight long lines.  Each individual diamond within the pattern measures approximately 40 x 40cm.

  • Golden Delicious apple


    Ripening mid season, the Golden delicious is a medium sized low acid green fruit ripening to yellow. 

  • Pomme De Neige (Snow) Apple


    The SNOW APPLE has small mottled red fruit, with snow white flesh.  Matures mid season.

    Limited Numbers Only

  • Camellia Setsugekka


    HIRYU - Small, single deep red/ pink blooms. Flowers autumn to early winter.

    JENNIFER SUSAN - Soft pink, small informal double blooms. Blooms autumn to early winter.

    SETSUGEKKA - Single white small blooms with wavy petals and bright yellow stamens. Flowers autumn to early winter.

  • Black Genoa Fig

    F I G

    BLACK GENOA - A reliable old cultivar with green-purple skin and dark flesh.  This sweet fig usually produces two crops, one early summer and again in late autumn.

    BROWN TURKEY - Brown Turkey has purple-brown skin with pink-brown flesh and a delicate sweet taste.  It can bear two crops a year.

  • Sensation Pear


    An early variety, dull red to bright red with ripening, the Sensation has a smooth texture, is reasonably juicy and has a flavour similar to the 'Williams'. 

  • Santa Rosa Plum


    A bright red, tangy plum that darkens with maturity.  It has yellow flesh and slightly thicker skin that gives it a better shelf life. 

  • Champion Quince


    CHAMPION - Medium sized Green-yellow fruit that turns yellow as it matures.  Ready early April, it has dark red flesh when cooked.

    SMYRNA - Large green fruit that turns pale yellow when ripe.  Sweet and tender when cooked.  Matures mid-April.


  • Serpentine  Apple Espalier


    The Serpentine has a strong central leader that has been trained into an 'S' shape. All side branching is kept short to accentuate the form.

    Every Merrywood serpentine has been trained onto a metal stake.

  • Granny Smith Apple


    An Australian favourite, the Granny is a late maturing apple.  The crisp fruit keeps well and has a lovely acid that softens the longer the apple is left on the tree.

  • Fuji Apple


    A dull pink-red apple that matures mid to late season.  The Fuji has medium to large fruit with delicate sweet flavour.

  • Tahitian Lime


    TAHITIAN LIME - Fruit with few seeds maturing in winter.  Use while still green or leave on the tree until yellow.

  • Beurre Bosc Pear


    An elongated russetted pear, the Beurre Bosc is initially slower to bear fruit, but becomes a regular heavy cropping tree.  Fruit matures mid season.

  • Williams Bartlett Pear

    WILLIAMS (Bartlett)

    The 'Williams Bon Chretien' has medium to large fruit, sometimes with a slight blush and a sweet flavour.  Slow to bear fruit, but then produces regular big crops.  Early season pear that should be harvested while still firm.

  • Satsuma Plum


    Dark red plum with mottled skin and blood red flesh.  The Satsuma ripens mid to late season.  It is sweet, juicy with a little more tang than the Mariposa.